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Removals London are now much more easier to book with the Uber Moving App moving-technology. Removal Services, Junk Removals and Crane Truck services on demand, single item to a full house move. With Uber Moving you can move anything anywhere. Relax and let our professional movers take care of your move.

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Latest Technology

Some industries tend to be a little more than others, and the removal industry would certainly fall into that category.

But understandably, for thousands of years moving hasn't changed much. During the last decade, however, more and more customers have demanded simpler, faster and more practical measures. Small, app-based startups are beginning to creep into the industry, and the question that needs to be answered is, where is the removal industry headed?

The answer is that consumers drive the market where they want it, which is almost always in a more practical direction. And while difficult to build, and sometimes to implement, technology is designed to make the end user's life easier.

Uber for Moving

Moving with the app

It has never been so easy to move in London. Just register your personal data and start moving. See the vehicle coming towards you on a live map, have direct contact with the driver, give reviews and tips after the house moving are done.


Only online payment

To combat undeclared work in the removals industry, it is only permitted to pay through a bank.


Fully Branded Dashboards

The app has its fully optimized dashboard for customers and movers, both with multiple pages where they can have control over former and new moving projects, payment history and services


Multiple choises of Removal Services and vehicles

What type of removal service and vehicle should you book? When moving in London you have several aspects to reconsider. Is there a parking place close to the house? Can the vehicle get access close as possible? What if the vehicle are too small? Let us help you!

Uber Van 1
House moving

Most used vehicle among movers in London city. It can load things from up to a 2 bedroom apartment.

Uber Truck 2
Junk Removals

Rubbish clearance service for fast, low cost & eco-friendly removal of bulky loose waste, including furniture, broken appliances and garden refuse.

Crane Truck 3
Crane Trucks

If you have any heavy things like a piano or similars you might need a mobile crane truck

Man and a van 4
Man and a van

Man and a van. Are you moving a sofa, a fridge or a student that dont have so much things?

Our App screenshots

The Uber Moving App has multiple pages for users and movers highly optimized so that its easy to use. Please take a look at some of them

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Testimonials what clients say

This is what some of our users says about Uber Moving in London

Finally there is an effective way to order removal services in London. I am very satisfied with the team that moved me and my family from Royal Victoria to Canning Town. Highly recommended!
5.0 Google
Austin Cesar


Fantastic removals I had a great experience with moving through the Uber Moving App. The team was very effective and funny to work with
5.0 Google
Pirtle Karol


Good movers that took good care of my goods during the removal. It was cheap, quick and the best way to move I think after I have done a lot of research
5.0 Google
Steve Jason


Frequently Asked Queries

Every month, people move to and from London all over the country. The dream job, the dream house or the dream woman are often factors that make one find their way to new surroundings. Our customers' wishes are the central focus. We are here to help you!

Quick booking of a moving company in London.

The faster you order with the Uber Moving App, the more options you have. Most relocations take place in the summer. The moving agencies are often already fully booked during this period. So when you order well in advance, the planning can be guaranteed on reserved crew and moving vehicle. You must preferably book at least 7 days before you move. As soon as you have decided on a date, you can book your moving assignment!

Costs moving

The costs of moving consist of various elements. For example, it will vary depending on the number of working hours, distance from your old home to your new home, materials such as moving boxes and in some cases the possibility of a lift at the addresses.

Moving boxes

Moving boxes that have been used before often become a bit worn and fragile. We do not recommend that moving boxes be reused for reasons of safety and insurance.

Movers lift & crane truck

The advantage of a movers lift is that the move must be carried out in a professional and organized manner. If you need to move heavy furniture and many boxes up several floors without a lift, the movers may be able to use a mobile moving lift or a mobile crane. Using a moving lift and crane shortens the total moving time and improves the quality of the move. However, it is not always possible to use a moving lift or crane truck for all moving tasks!


Generally speaking, everything that fits in a moving box should be packed into moving boxes. Books, crockery and the like, obviously, but also larger objects such as vases, tennis rackets, posters, soft toys, small shelves, small mirrors, etc. Best packed in a moving box. Why? Firstly, because a moving box provides protection. There is far less chance of injury. But just as important is how easily and easily you can carry a moving box.

Efficient relocation

It's much faster than moving everything separately. In addition, it is easier to stack the boxes in the moving truck. Full boxes are easy to stack on top of each other

The vehicle / va

This means that you use all the space in the moving van and can 'secure' your furniture. A range of stacked moving boxes can be used to protect small furniture during transport.


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