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Our customers' wishes are the central focus. We believe that it is necessary to digitize the moving industry in order to give our customers the best experience. That is why we have an extra focus on technology and data! Book your House Movers London by pressing just one button!

Uber Moving is a moving transport network company with headquarters in London, United Kingdom. The company develops, markets and operates the mobile app Uber Moving, which mediates driving assignments between movers and Ubermoving-affiliated moving agencies that use their own employees and moving vehicles in the transport. It is specified that Uber Moving is not part of Uber Technologies, Inc. (Uber) which operates within other industries!

Our vision are within the moving industry!

The moving industry has had a bad reputation from the past, as there are quite a few moving agencies that try to establish a moving company, but operate it illegally by not accounting for income and expenses and by demanding black payment on the spot.

Uber Moving Ltd

With Uber Moving technology, that is not possible. Users register their bank card or checking account. The moving agency's account number or company number to which payment is made after the moving agency has stopped the stopwatch at the end of the moving task. Only online payment through bank is possible.

Technology inside the moving industry. Some industries tend to be a little more stubborn than others, and the moving industry would certainly fall into that category

But understandably, for thousands of years moving hasn't changed much. During the last decade, however, more and more customers have demanded simpler, faster and more practical measures. Small, app-based startups are beginning to creep into the industry, and the question that needs to be answered is,

Where is the moving industry headed?

The answer is that consumers drive the market where they want it, which isalmost always in a more practical direction. And while difficult to build, and sometimes to implement, the technology is designed to make the end user's life easier.

Are you moving or are you a moving company?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you as a business or private person from start to finish.

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Uber Moving Limited are registered as waste brokers

Waste brokers arrange for other businesses' controlled waste to be handled, transported, disposed of or recovered. Waste dealers buy waste from other businesses to sell on. This includes dealers who do not take physical possession of the waste.

  • Our licensorʼs number: CBDU452461
Waste brokers include:
  • ● businesses that buy and sell scrap metal and other recoverable materials, eg if you operate from a yard or act as a trader arranging for materials to be bought and sold
  • ● businesses that arrange for waste disposal on behalf of another business or waste producer
  • ● Waste disposal operators or carriers that arrange the disposal or recovery of waste not covered by their own licence

A broker or dealer shares responsibility with the waste holders for managing the waste properly before and after it is transferred. Brokers and dealers are legally responsible for the proper handling and disposal of the waste.

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