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Apple Pay & Stripe card payments.

Allow customers to securely make payments using Apple Pay on their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

As of September 2019, a regulation called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requires businesses in Europe to request additional authentication for online payments. Apple Pay fully supports SCA as it already handles payment flows with a built-in layer of authentication (biometric or password).


Refer to Appleʼs compatibility documentation to learn which devices support Apple Pay. Stripe users can accept Apple Pay in iOS applications in iOS 9 and above, and on the web in Safari starting with iOS 10 or macOS Sierra. There are no additional fees to process Apple Pay payments, and the pricing is the same as other card transactions.

Apple Pay is compatible with most Stripe products and features (for example, subscriptions). Use it to accept payments for physical or digital goods, donations, subscriptions, and more (you canʼt use Apple Pay instead of in-app purchases though).

Apple Pay is available to cardholders at participating banks in supported countries. Refer to Appleʼs participating banks documentation to learn which banks and countries are supported.

Using Stripe and Apple Pay versus in-app purchases

Apple Pay doesnʼt replace Appleʼs In-App Purchase API. You can use any of Stripeʼs supported payment methods and Apple Pay in a iOS app to sell physical goods (for example, groceries and clothing) or for services your business provides (for example, club memberships and hotel reservations). These payments are processed through Stripe and you only need to pay Stripeʼs processing fee.

Appleʼs developer terms require their In-App Purchase API be used for digital “content, functionality, or services,” such as premium content for your app or subscriptions for digital content. Payments made using the In-App Purchase API are processed by Apple and subject to their transaction fees.

Mobile payments in the United Kingdom (UK) - statistics & facts

Mobile payments are digital payments that are exclusively performed with a mobile device, either online of offline, and the United Kingdom is no stranger to this. The UK mobile payments market is said to have more than 10 million users since the coronavirus pandemic, accelerating a shift towards a more cashless society as many people used less bank notes and coins for in-store transactions.

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That same year, mobile payments made up nearly one quarter of all smartphone users in the country. Compared to other payment methods, however, mobile payments where consumers swipe their phone past a terminal are not as popular as card payments. This is different in UK e-commerce, however, where mobile wallets rank as the most popular way to pay for online shopping.

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